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Resume Evaluation


This service is for you if you believe existing resumes are in good shape but simply require a professional review or evaluation. This service will afford you the opportunity to understand  if you've hit the marks in  grammar, spelling and overall effectiveness of each section of the resume. 

Once this review is complete, each candidate can feel free to upgrade the service to a Full Service Resume if they feel additional edits are needed. All payments will be applied to any upgrade. 

Investment in yourself: $45


Full Service Resume


A Full-Service Resume takes your work history, volunteer activities, and/or additional relevant information and molds that into a comprehensible resume tailored to your ideal job. 


After completing a data gathering form,  we will construct a road map of previous work history and appeal to your target job!

Investment in yourself: starting at $150

Deposit required via Buy Now. An additional $85 charge for every 10 years of work history will be added to the final invoice. 


Cover Letter 


Only Available For Full Service Customers!

Looking for a Cover Letter  to have the opportunity to introduce yourself and the characteristics that make you a perfect candidate? 

This is a great place for you to let your future employers know a little more about you.  Although generally not "mandatory" within the job search process, having a cover letter is a standout marker of excellence! 

Investment in yourself: $65



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