My Role in the Protest is [blank]...

As a black woman, finding the words I need to effectively articulate my feelings, thoughts and emotions on today's glaring social inequality and injustice is very difficult right now. Apart from communicating my emotions, my actual feelings are ranging from 0 to 100 and back. I'm struggle with feelings of anger. I'm struggle with feelings of fear. I have moments of exhaustion and moments of non-stop movement that all together eventually leads me no where. I'm Standing Still.

I want to do so much to change the world because so much is required for it to be fair. And with each thought of the needed actions there comes an overwhelming heap of burden laid upon my shoulders that is carried throughout the day. This burden I know is not mine and mine alone to bear. I know that women and men of color and our allies are facing similar struggles mentally, emotionally and physically. This emotional roller coaster is often punching me square in the chest, stopping me from doing what I think I can do to improve the state of the world. As we are moving into #Day4 of the protests prompted by the killings of #GeorgeFloyd, #BreonnaTaylor and #AhmaudArbery, my overwhelming desire to do "something" brings me here today to share with you all my thoughts. I'm Slowly Moving.

Protesting and supporting the cause(s) requires many people to do many things in order for us to get the change we need. Each person should have a role and each role is no more or less significant than the next. I may not be an powerful public speaker on the bullhorn of the #BLM protests calling my sisters and brothers to action, but I have a role and my role is important and so is yours!

We need people on the front lines

We need people donating money

We need people offering pro-bono representation

We need people nursing the wounded

We need people feeding the hungry

We need people buying supplies

We need people cheering from the sides

We need people reporting the facts

We need people sharing on social

We need people healing our hearts

We need people to do so much...

So, what is your role?

Ask yourself and fill in the blank. My Role in the Protest is [blank]...

My role today is to focus on what I CAN do. Not to fear all the things I am NOT doing. My role in the protest is not on the front line (although I will be there). My role is to propagate a change in media and the depiction of brown and black people. My role today is to open myself to dialogue with a potential alley, to guide their understanding (or lack there of) to the plight of blacks in America. My role is to support and continue to provide black and brown professionals guidance in their career and managing office politics via professional writing, resume building and strive to climb the ladder to be in offices of power. That may sound off topic from the fire and fury leading the hearts of today's mission, but that is my role in the protest. My role is required. All roles are required. In partnership with my role donating, voting, cheering and sharing, if my role can help one person of color, it helps the movement.

So, I will ask you again. What is your role in the Protest?

Keep Going.

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