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Dear Professionals, Are You Ready to Join the Professional Pipeline?

Dear Professionals,

You know what is freaking exhausting... working day in and day out with no reward or regard for the work and dedication you give to your company; the whole concept that people of color have to work twice as hard to get half as far; actually working twice as hard and then hearing 'you aren't ready yet' when promotion time comes. All of that is exhausting. Exhausting and far too common in Corporate America.

But what do you do with that exhaustion? What is there to do as a young professional working in a predominately white corporate setting where all implicit biases seem to be working against you?

What do you do when all you want to be is successful?

The desire to just be successful is real and the reason these questions are important is because a lot of professionals are just sitting in their exhaustion and companies are just letting them. That's where I come in. Next Generation Professional is now supporting the pipeline!

A what?... A #ProfessionalPipeline is a developmental track that fosters leadership and growth in a corporate capacity. It works to identify talent and ensure career-long learning and professional development through each phase of a career.

So, Next Generation Professional has been shifting gears. Resumes are our bread and butter. It is the foundation to what we are founded on but, we are in a special climate right now, so we have to do more. There aren't enough services that are dedicated to the success of people of color. It has always been our goal, but now, more than ever, supporting the pipeline of Black Talent is crucial.

Join the growth of @Next_Generation_Professional as we add on other aspects of professional writing; including senior level email, presentation messaging and managing metrics. Use us and your resume will get you in the door. Stick with us and we'll get through the glass ceiling.

Are you ready to join the pipeline?


The Professional Millennial

For more information, join our mailing list. We will be sharing tip and tricks to continued growth along with peer groups for mentoring and community accountability. #ProfessionalMillennial

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