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Professional Inspiration

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Professional Brand has very recently become a buzzword around career and job search forums.  It refers to the brand or overall perception that you have in your professional space. Professional branding really is showing off the exemplary portions of  yourself.

You control your brand and your brand reflects your professional reputation. In the workplace, it is your own professional branding statement that communicates the essence of who you are.   

  • Your specialty — who you are

  • Your service — what you do

  • Your audience — who you do it for

  • Your best characteristic — what you’re known for

Having a public Professional Brand makes interviews that much less intimidating. That 45 minute conversation does not always accurately reflect or portray who you are professionally to the new employer.  This is your opportunity to ensure your brand is on point, conducive to a professional work environment and is a way to get a leg up in a competitive market!

It is important that your brand is positive in nature as all of your perceived (or real) professional attributes can increase or decrease your chances of excelling professionally!


Well, you are already here, so you've done the hardest part in acknowledging you have a gap in your professional portfolio!

Check out our products to have some professional help in creating your brand. LinkedIn updates, Resume revisions, Wardrobe Updates all can encompass your professional brand. 

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