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Our Mission

Mission Statement:
Next Generation Professional provides clients a pathway to professional success through personal one on one support, mentored guidance and resources to inspire a complete and lasting shift towards one's best self!
We are dedicated to helping highly ambitious young professionals navigate their career, land the dream positions and live the life they've been day dreaming about!

If you find yourself questioning how to move onto the next level, where you really see yourself in 5 years, perhaps its time to professionally check your brand and join our career accountability groups!

NGP helps to keep you accountable to you! Updates to your professional resume, cover-letter, LinkedIn combined with advice on the best way to get things done, meet your deadlines and achieve the goals you've set for yourself.

Meet the Founder

Kristina Morrison

Founder & CEO

I followed all the rules; I went to school, got degree, got the job, got another degree and another job, and another job...and another.  I navigated the professional world juggling undergrad, law school and career changes and still woke up one day in a quarter life crisis!  I wanted more!


I found more helping others!

Follow my story and you'll see that Next Generation Professional is founded by a real person who underwent through the same professional challenges and therefore can relate on a real, common ground -- finding a being the most successful you. 



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