Our Mission

 In order to compete in this job market, you have to get rid of dated and lackluster resumes! Your resume needs to be achievement-oriented in order to get you ready for the dog-eat-dog world! Did you know that?

Next Generation Resumes was founded by Kristina Morrison, a senior executive in financial services, after she realized generations of professionals were struggling to pack their resumes with success stories and achievements needed for their desired career trajectory. 
►Are you in need a new résumé?
►Maybe you just want a fresh set of 👀 to review your résumé and suggest edits?
►Is your LinkedIn profile in need of a revamp?
Well, NEXT GENERATION RESUMES is happy to help with ALL of that! Our next client can be YOU!
► We service everyone from entry-level graduates to senior level executives.
► We can provide evaluations, minor edits or fully drafted documents to fit most budgets.
► We offer Masterclasses on interview skills & hiring support for small businesses 
Sometimes it can be hard to find a good writer; one who delivers great work and on time. Those seeking our services will be happy to know that our mission is  dedicated to delivering high-quality results in a timely fashion so that you can get the career you deserve!
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If you find yourself questioning how to take your career to the next level or where you really see yourself in 5 years, perhaps its time to professionally check yourself and join our accountability groups! Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on our accountability sessions! 

Meet the Founder

Kristina Morrison

Founder & CEO

Kristina Morrison is a lover of education and professional development and currently holds a position as a senior executive in a global financial firm. Before founding Next Generation Resumes, she followed all the 'rules' in her young adult life; she went to undergrad, got degree, got a job, got another degree and another job, and another job...and another.  She navigated the professional world juggling undergrad, law school and multiple career changes yet didn't feel like there were enough guiding principles to really document true success stories in a resume.  The next day Next Generation Resumes was created!


There was a space that needed to be filled. Getting a job was easy - but getting the job you WANT is tricky! She began editing and writing professional resumes and conducting career prep workshops targeting young professionals like herself and helping them reach each next level in their career.  She found her fulfillment by supporting the community in their pursuits to similar executive roles and making the process more transparent one puzzle piece at a time. 


Next Generation Resume is founded on its clients, both young and old, and their success!



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