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Our Mission

Our Mission: Creating powerful resumes to showcase your skillset and accomplishments in the best and brightest light to help make desired career aspirations more attainable.

Next Generation Resumes write entry-level resumes, career change resumes, return-to-work resumes, professional resumes, senior executive resumes, and more. Our mission focuses on the generations of professionals that are growing in their careers (e.g., Millennials - Gen Z), and ensuring their resumes are accurately marketing each candidate for success.

Next Generation Resumes can help you make articulate the knowledge, experience, vigor and savviness gained in your employment or educational experience to get you from applying to interviewing, to employment!  Sometimes it can be hard to find a good writer; Those seeking our services will be happy to know that our mission is dedicated to delivering high-quality results in a timely fashion so that you can get the career you deserve!

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Meet the Founder

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Kristina Morrison

Founder & CEO

Kristina Morrison is a resume entrepreneur and career advisor. As the Founder & CEO of Next Generation Resumes,  a leading resume writing company dedicated to professional millennials, Kristina has grown the company into a market leader reaching millennials coast to coast through a growing brand portfolio that includes her blog The Professional Millennial. 


She began editing and writing professional resumes in college and continued conducting career prep workshops targeting young professionals like herself and helping them reach the next level in their careers.  She found her fulfillment by supporting the community in their pursuits of executive roles and demystifying the promotional process  one puzzle piece at a time. 


Kristina is recipient of various professional development training awards like McKinsey & Co.'s Management Accelerator, and Executive Leadership Council's MLM Leading with Presence. She is a lover of education and professional development and currently holds a position as a senior executive in tech.

Born and raised in New Jersey, she graduated from York University in Toronto, Canada with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies and Sociology then, returned  to New Jersey to obtain her Masters of Science in Jurisprudence Studies specialized in Intellectual Properties Law from Seton Hall University, School of Law. 


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